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The Unique Process

What to Expect

I'm not just talking about the fact that you're expecting (for those of you maternity clients)! I'm talking about what to expect during the design process. This is a luxury studio service and therefore you should expect more than just photography and images. You should expect an amazing experience with extra special touches. My photography sessions are more than just having me show up to take your pictures. It's about having an opportunity to feel pampered and beautiful. More than that though, it's a spiritual experience for me as well because no duty is more sacred than that of child rearing and you've entrusted me to document family history work for your family. I do specific things to achieve these results and I don't want to give all of my secrets away here! I would be happy to speak with you on the phone or in person to give you more details because I have a lot of surprises that will thrill and delight you that aren't replicated in other studios.