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Oh that's wonderful!! We love it! The design looks perfect! Thank you for working so hard to make us happy :) You really are a wonderful photographer/designer and person. Thank you again and Happy Holidays! -Terrah and Todd

Amanda,We just found out we're pregnant a few weeks ago, so we've beenconsuming all our thoughts with that, haha. Any ways, the album isperfect as always!! You truly are amazing!!! Thank you again foreverything!Also, wanted to ask, we'll probably want to get pictures together withmy big belly later on in the pregnancy and then baby pictures oncehe/she comes. Obviously we'd love for you to do them if you do thosetype of pictures and and would like to.-Cari and Mark

The pictures came out wonderfully- we couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for spending the extra time at our home...we enjoyed having you! Thank you again and again for the wonderful pictures! Feel free to email me anytime! The pictures we chose came out even better than I imagined! I'm excited to share with all the family! Thank you again for everything Amanda!Andrea